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NSMM Royal Society Event

We had a blast coding with some local schools at the Young Persons Book Prize awards ceremony on Wednesday, The games made will be uploaded here over the next few days 10am Group 10:30am Group 11:15am Group 12:00pm Group

British Science Week 2020 Grants

British Science Week are giving out grants of up to £300 (Kick Start Grant) to get your school to engage with science at a special event you put on during British Science Week 6-15 March 2020. We’re here to help Bradford/Halifax primary schools and secondary schools book in some exciting coding or science of games related sessions with our BAFTA award winning…

Beginners Tutorials

We do 3 main tutorials to get people understanding the main features of coding games in Clickteam Fusion 2.5. We’re now recording these as videos, so you lucky people can learn without spending a penny or moving a muscle* *Well OK, your arms, eyes and lots of other muscles will be used, plus we’d love you to spend a penny…

Back for 19/2020

Hi All, We start back Sept 9th 2019. Including a new time and venue! GROUPS Monday 4-5:30pm – St Stephens BD5 (Alpha group)6:30-8pm – St Stephens BD5 (Beta group)Thurday 4-5:30pm – St Stephens BD5 (Gamma Group)Friday 6-8pm – 29 John Street BD1 (Delta Group) Until April 2020 we have use of 29 John Street Friday afternoons and Saturday mornings from…

Leeds International Festival

We had a great time seeing the amazing levels you made for the Game Republic Get into Gaming – Mass Level Make! Download it to run on Windows, can you complete it? (Secret cheat press C+H to skip a level) It’s safe to Run, so keep the file and click More info and Run away on Windows.

History of Video Games – live show

Join Impact Gamers on an epic journey through time an tech. We look at the technology for gaming from 1958 onwards and how coders pushed the limits at every point. Covering topics in ICT, Physics and Biology with a whole lot of interactive game thrown in too. 1½ hour show (times can be altered)Aimed at KS2 or KS3 (8-14yrs)For 30-500…