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With the sad news of the closure of the Joshua Project, we have had to move from Joshua Project, “My Impact Centre” to SHINE, St Stephens Church BD5. More updates when the groups start back soon.

Thanks so much for your interest in Impact Gamers LiVE – The live show to inspire children and families into games making.
It’s this Saturday 6-7:45pm

We’ve been prepping this week and the big screen and arcade bench are looking awesome!

If you’d be happy to be in a competition better get practising…
The challenges are going live one by one this week, check out…

We have had lots of people say that they’ll come, but they haven’t registered. We love to get people confirmed as coming to help the event being extra special. Could you do a bit to help and invite a friend’s family to come and share the event as much as possible.

We need some artwork for the gallery section, please get your kids drawing some cool characters or game sides and email

Many thanks to Bradford Council’s Youth Opportunity Fund.  They have paid for 32 sessions for 13-18 yr olds.

So Monday 7:30-8:30pm and Thursdays 3:15-4:15am term time we have started new groups.

Grange consent

Well after a year of focusing the group on making arcade games we are turning to apps.

You loose over a hundred basic possible inputs of a keyboard, or 12 of a joystick and get 1 instead.

But you can still do some very clever things with it, tap, double tap, drag, hold… and erm… triple tap??

Hopefully you’ll see some new Apps in our app store in May-time.




Well March was a fun month of much building and much sawdust as we built a bespoke machine for the National Media Museum.



The machine is currently in the technical lab at the museum, hoping to be added to the games lounge this week.

We added a very nice all new chooser spinner for the 12 current games (6 more to be added soon).  And we hope to get some nice footage of it when it’s in pride of place and being used.

unnamed (1)

The table top arcade machine (Asus eee 701 pc broken screen/15″ multimedia monitor/arcade usb controller/1 ft LED light) is up and running.  Just need to add a nice marquee (title to go infront of light)  Well done all the guys who help cut, drill and spray.