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This amazing app was made by Josh a teenager who had some amazing ideas.

Build a bridge to save the dogs from descending to hell.

This one flies close to boundary of  “family friendly” content, but hopefully you can take the damned dogs in comedy taste it was aimed at.

Hello! You’ve come here because you’d like to know more about games making and our new project APPril; getting young people and schools to make a game in April.

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Having a video that can change it’s content to what people select is good… but then imagine having a video in a lesson that will expand on things a majority of students don’t understand, show kids work on the screen and have quizzes and mark the results… Now that is interactive digital learning. Keep in touch with Impact Gamers to see how we develop this resource.

Inspired… well maybe traumatised by the New Year sales; the next game is “I want a robot”.

Help the little girl get the robot of her dreams by selecting the right one from the self. Get it exactly right or you’ll upset her.
This game was mainly a test of multiple linked sprites on a screen.

Have fun zooming up and down the shelves.

NB. It also offers the possibility of 4096 different robot types, just from 6 robotty parts (and a cup of tea).

HAPPY NEW YEAR! And a game about the perils of dodgy smart watches. GEt to your New Years party at the right time. The only issue is your new “smart” watch needs to be told how long a seconds it. Get it right; get to the party. Make the second too long or short and you are early or late.