Impact Gamers

inspiring makers


Impact Gamers C.I.C is a community interest company that exists to inspire young people away from just game playing to game making.We run from the basement of St Stephen’s Church, Bradford, BD5 sharing space with the amazing charity SHINE West Bowling.

We use Clickteam’s “Fusion” for quick and engaging results. Have a look about the site or check us out on  Youtube and Facebook.

We reach young people in two ways:

  1. Workshops and events  in schools and community / youth organisations to teach programming principles and ICT literacy.
  2. Regular after school groups teaching practical computer programming skills and providing opportunities for young people to develop their own programs, games and apps in a supportive and safe environment.

Impact Gamers exists to:

  • INSPIRE young people to get creative with computers
  • CREATE computer games and hardware
  • EXHIBIT young peoples work to the world, in turn to INSPIRE others (and so it repeats)

Making a game is a mixture of art, maths and dreams.  We want young people to express ideas, draw out emotions and create really fun social games that can be shared.

With that in mind Impact Gamers games:

-Have no real world violence
-Don’t promote illegal activity
-Don’t use swear words/hate words or sexism/racism.
-Aim to build the player up and reward them.

(Very similar to Ouya‘s games aims)


We run both paid services to schools and education and free after school groups to those in the local community.
If you’d like to donate to our after school groups please do so below: