Impact Gamers

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We love sharing our passion for ICT, coding and gaming with schools in Bradford and further afield.

Extra discount available on locality or teaching from our base in BD5.

We are able to bring our own laptops (upto 8) to your location.
If there is an IT suite you will need to install Clickteam Fusion (any Windows PC built after 2005 will handle the software).
At our centre we have facilities for 8 laptops 8 desktop PCs.
We normally run classes for 16 students at a time, but have done larger groups for full class size.
We also have done full school events, assemblies and shows where we demonstrate principles of coding through game making and playing (these are bespoke so we can quote on request).
In each session we help the students to program a basic game, or build one bigger games up over several sessions.
We can teach a wide range of topics including  cross circulum themes not just programming using computer games as a methodology.
We often find students work better in pairs as they can help their peers often when they get stuck.
It takes about 1 hour to teach the basics of the software and to make a small game that can then be published online.
We can publish games onto the Google play app store for mobile also, but these costs aren’t included.
We usually use 2 of our staff in our practical teaching sessions, to help resolve any students questions more quickly.
Sessions would be charged out at:

£70 for an hour session in a day

£120 for two hours in a day

£180 for three hours in a day

£330 full school day (8-3pm)

Booking more than 1 regular weekly sessions would decrease the cost by 20% for the complete booking.

But we also do CPD, to teach the staff to use the software and can provide lesson plans and support with teaching.
CPD sessions can be quoted for on request.
Any questions/comments please let us know.

Please do get in touch to book us or to discuss best pricing.