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We are planning to develop software (MATHS impact) for schools which will support the work of Impact Gamers so we can run more sessions free to the public.

What We Need

We are looking for £11,500 to start the development of MATHS impact.This will cover the initial costs of developing the program and the time of renowned maths consultant (Sam Adams – Education Works).

visit the campaign at

Live in BD5 or your kids go to school there? Want a free after school club to help get them creative with computers? Monday or Thursdays 3:30-4:30pm followed by Games Making 4:30-5:30pm for ages 7-11 and their families at St Stephen’s Church, BD5 7BH. Register online and come along this Thursday or Monday.



Angry birds meets Worms meets a big pile of screaming.

Select and fire your elves through the villages to search for Santa.

Game design and all levels were made by young people 7-15yrs at Impact Gamers in Bradford using Clickteam Fusion.

Play online (May run slow on some devices)




Our most ambitious game, made over 6 weeks and involving all current 27 students, play Clear and Present Reindeer, and save Christmas…well next Christmas anyway.







So the last summer term of Impact Gamers we had the students design space ships, code behaviors, share their work with each other and build a side scrolling space shooting game.


And here it is.




A FREE HOLIDAY CLUB for 11+ aged kids? 10-5pm? Daily from the 14th-18th August? Creative techy activities? That would be e:merge’s awesome GEEK WEEK in BD4 that we are very excited to partner with. E-mail us at for a consent form. Limited spaces and local kids BD5/BD4 and those already attending impact gamers will get priority if we gets loads of interest.

We had a blast today inspiring young people in Key Stage 2 about science, coding and stupid robots at the National Science and Media Museum.  Here are the mini games they made in the 5 minutes we had with them.



awesome game

ball vs robot


bouncey bouncey

bouncey balls

football robots

ghost ball

global catastrophe

killer ball

Mr C




roblox invasion

roblox owls

robot bounce

robot crazy fun

stop pushing your button



And incase you have any doubt that computers are stupid.

Hello! You’ve come here because you’d like to know more about games making and our new project APPril; getting young people and schools to make a game in April.  Every day in April a new tutorial is released for APPril.

All you need is a Windows PC and the Internet (Not even all of it just our website 🙂 )

Sessions 1-5 Interactive Session or Video – teach you how to make a basic game

Sessions 6-10 Video with some Interaction – make that game more advanced

Sessions 11-30 Videos – give you help and ideas on how to make your very own game/app

If you’ve already signed up go straight to the APPril menu calendar


Yes SIGN ME UP FOR FREE and keep me informed over April/APPril

See some examples games

Watch Session 3 as a demonstration.