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Hello! You’ve come here because you’d like to know more about games making and our new project APPril; getting young people and schools to make a game in April.  Every day in April a new tutorial is released for APPril.

All you need is a Windows PC and the Internet (Not even all of it just our website 🙂 )

Sessions 1-5 Interactive Session or Video – teach you how to make a basic game

Sessions 6-10 Video with some Interaction – make that game more advanced

Sessions 11-30 Videos – give you help and ideas on how to make your very own game/app

If you’ve already signed up go straight to the APPril menu calendar


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See some examples games

Watch Session 3 as a demonstration.

Yesterday I was helping a student make a Pokémon Go style game mechanic.

Flicking balls to catch creatures.  Using the built in physics engine in Fusion it really wasn’t too hard to do.

So I thought I’d share a tutorial with you!
It’s a novice tutorial not for beginners, Newbies try APPril

SORRY about the LOUD start

Try it online.

The source files for you to try