Impact Gamers

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We currently run 4 free to access after school groups.
The groups are joined by an hour of free play, so you can leave your child at the group for 2.5 hours total.
Register your child here 
Group Alpha
Monday 4-5:30pm (roughly 7-11yrs)
Group Beta
Monday 6:30-8pm for (roughly 10yrs and over)
Group Omega
Tuesday 4:30-5:45pm  (Closed team group)
Group Gamma
Thursday 4-5:30pm (roughly 7-11yrs)
Group Delta
Thursday 6:30-8pm for (roughly 10yrs and over)
To sign up visit or more information contact us
We currently don’t charge, but if you’d like to donate a couple of pounds a session (as a few students do) this can be used to cover our volunteer expenses.
We run in term time only.
Normally the first session attending we get the parent to come with the child fill in some forms and stay in the room while the child has their first session.
Please arrive at least an hour to 30 minutes before your first session for us to introduce you to everything.
We try to run complete projects in 6 week blocks so the child will have completed a basic game/or game level every half term.
We are based in the basement of St Stephen’s BD5 7BX church. Easiest parking is Newton St, BD5 7BH.
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If you need to ask any more questions, just go ahead.