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Working with children excluded from full time school 12-16 or working with NEET young adults 18-24 (not in education, employment or training) learning real life work based skills. 6 students, 2 volunteers, 2 staff (per course)

This is the project that started Impact Gamers.  Many young people struggle in the school environment. Issues such as anxiety, homelife, bullying and a whole host of other factors can mean attending school is a struggle.  With the continuing school budget cuts schools don’t have the funds to get external agencies to support vulnerable young people.  We are looking to expand that work for those 18-25 not in employment.

For this project schools and the job centre refer students to us.

Under 16s

We interview the younger students at a home visit and allocate them into groups of 5, with an extra college games making student volunteer in each group.

Over 18s

For the students over 18 we also place them alongside a college games making student volunteer in each group.

We lead the group as one team to make a computer game all together over 24 sessions.

At the end of the project they will have a certificate and finished game that can be published online for mobile devices or for PC.

Projects start termly

Project running costs are £3,500 but could be divided between funders. (£10,000 for a full year of funding for 18 students & families)

Schools pay towards the places but this doesn’t cover the fully cost of the course.  Being funded by an organisation allows us to take on students who are out of main stream school (So no government funding for them is available) and also any extra funding allows us to run free after school activities for the children in the local community.

Benefits of the project for the child/family

  • An easy way to re-engage with structured education
  • Something positive that captivates their interest and gets them “out of the house”
  • Learning IT and coding skills
  • Improving their self confidence
  • Build teamwork skills
  • An end product to be proud of

Benefits of the project for the funder

  • A chance to use their funds to benefit some of the most needy
  • Decide the theme of the game
  • Have their name credited on the game
  • Support the future generation
  • Get weekly updates
  • Be tagged in our social media posts relating to the games creation
  • Be involved in making a huge difference
  • A warm fuzzy feeling inside


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