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Bradford the Game – for Bradford 2025 bid

In early 2021 we were awarded funding to make a game about a future Bradford as designed by local youth 11-18yrs olds.

We ran 4 phases;

PHASE 1: Gather ideas, we had over 180 young people answer over 1125 questions in our interactive survey.
PHASE 2: We gave out over 500 character design sheets and pens, and others downloaded it online. We chose 6 characters from their designs to add to the game.


PHASE 3: Using our bespoke level creator, over 170 young people made levels for the game launch.
PHASE 4: (Continually open) We had the public test and rate the levels and create music for the game.
This phase will continue to stay open for several years to allow more interaction and allow the game to grow.

PHASE 5: Early Access Release 31st May 2021 Click the link to play


If you want to contact us about the project please email

Calling you gamers come and test the levels rate them and test out the characters in the game.

BONUS TASK – Make some music

Watch the video below

How to make some music for the game


Early Access May 31st 2021

Calling everyone come and play!

Click the link to play